JavaDoc and Comment Coverage

JDocCoverage - JavaDoc and Comment Coverage

JDocCoverage is a Java tool to analyze the quality of the documentation of the Java source code. The quality management is very important on large projects with many developers. There are many steps to do this.

Every developer know that a documentation of the source code is required. But the most developer are lazy. If a project part is finish then the documentation is forget. This is the point where JDocCoverage is starting.

How does JDocCoverage work?

JDocCoverage can't check the context of the comments but it can:

How look the result?

Here are some sample results.

How to use it?

Currently you can only use it as command line tool. We will add more interfaces in future versions.

java -jar jdoccoverage.jar <options> <source files>


java -jar jdoccoverage.jar src/
java -jar jdoccoverage.jar src/**/*.java src2/?abc*.java"
java -jar jdoccoverage.jar -d output src/